Online Course

Inspiring guilt free eating and body confidence for moms

Online Course

Body Positive Mom Course

Inspiring guilt free eating and body confidence for moms

Are you a mom with young kids? Do you want to feel better about your body? Do you want to eat the foods you truly enjoy without the guilt?

Over the course of my 12-week long online course called, Body Positive Mom, I teach moms with young kids how to eat without guilt, while showing them how to develop a life changing positive mindset about food and their body size by using proven skills from cognitive behavioral therapy.

Let's break that down...

1. Cognitive- How you THINK = Your thoughts, beliefs and emotions

2. Behavioral- How you ACT = Your actions and behaviors

3. Therapy- Treatment to CHANGE negative thoughts and beliefs

Have you ever thought...

“I would be happier if I was thinner and I need to start a diet?”

“I know foods with carbs, like pasta and bread cause weight gain.”

Or, maybe you have…

Missed out on your family vacation because you didn’t want to wear a swimsuit in public. Tried and failed multiple diets like keto, detox and cleanses to lose weight to try to get back to your pre-baby weight.

These are some examples of negative thoughts and false beliefs that led to negative actions. A negative mindset and false beliefs holds us back from living life confidently and enjoying our life experiences. Unfortunately, so many of our thoughts and beliefs about food and weight are completely false. And it’s not even your fault!

From Netflix documentaries urging you to go on a juice cleanse, to the fit Instagram moms asking, “what’s your excuse” while posing with their kids in a sports bra, it’s no wonder our food and body thoughts have gotten all messed up. This leaves us moms feeling inadequate, insecure and down right confused.

After you change your negative thoughts and false beliefs about food and your body and replace them with positive thoughts and true beliefs you will change your mindset. You can then finally start feeling confident about how you look on date night with your husband and eat the pizza on family night out without the worry or guilt.

So how will you do this?

During my Body Positive Mom online course, we identify, challenge and change your thoughts about food and your body that hold you back from feeling confident in three parts using my workbook along with online modules you can listen to at your own pace!

Part One: Food

You identify and create a list of foods that cause guilt, shame or worry and explore the reasons you feel negatively about those foods.

I then encourage you to eat those forbidden foods to challenge your negative beliefs about them in order to change them.

Part Two: Body

You again identify and create a list of situations or events you avoid due to poor body image. I will encourage you to participate in these avoided situations and events. For example, you might avoid wearing shorts even when it is extremely hot out. I encourage you to wear the shorts and challenge your thoughts and feelings. The more you participate in these avoided and uncomfortable body image situations, the more comfortable you will get with them over time. When you feel comfortable you can then start to participate in enjoyable life experiences and not allow poor body image to hold you back.

Part Three: Mind

In addition to changing your thoughts about food and your body, you learn to practice guilt-free styles of eating so that you feel confident when going out to eat ice cream with the kids and pizza night with the family. These proven effective guilt free styles of eating have also been associated with better body image and improved self-confidence.

What's Included in My Online Body Positive Mom Course?

My Body Positive Mom Workbook

You will receive a downloadable PDF copy of my Body Positive Mom 50 page workbook that includes multiple activities and skills to increase your body confidence, achieve food freedom and create a positive mindset. It also includes weekly planners to keep you on track with your goals and for you to see your progress.

Online Modules for the Body Positive Mom Workbook

You will be able to listen along while I walk you through what each page of my Body Positive Mom workbook. In the modules I give more encouragement and support with the activities. I will also provide further examples of the activities and skills while giving you insight into what an actual client of mine experienced while working through this course together!

Access to the client only the Body Positive Mom Facebook group

You will receive an invitation to a Facebook group with moms that have taken or currently taking my Body Positive Mom course. This is a supportive community of moms all continuing to practice the skills and non-diet eating styles learned in the program.

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